There's Dynamite in Praise
Health, prosperity, salvation, and safety--all of these things are prime targets of the Enemy. But all that has been lost or stolen from you can be restored in the midst of praise! Within the pages of this book, Don Gossett describes how you can....Receive miraculous and instantaneous healingBreak the bands of poverty and hunger permanentlyExperience complete deliverance from harmful habitsTriumph over every strategy of the DevilRegain all that the Enemy has stolenWin life's battles in prayer and praise.Praise can bring life where there was death, freedom where there was bondage, and divine joy where there was sorrow. When you learn to praise God at all times and in all circumstances, you will experience a truly victorious life, and He will work wonders on your behalf. Discover the tremendous power that awaits you in learning to praise the Lord!

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