What happens when the pain just won't go away?

Do you want the prickly, uncomfortable thorn in your flesh to go away? R.T. Kendall wants you to know that God gives you thorns for your benefit. Most people think of this discomfort as a physical pain, but Kendall explains how God gets your attention through loneliness, a handicap or disability, an enemy, an unhappy marriage, personality problem, and more. Kendall helps you understand how God's grace is sufficient as he answers questions like:

-What are the advantages to loneliness? -Why does God use an enemy to refine you? -How can a handicap or disability offer you the most dazzling reward in heaven? -What did Abraham and Moses learn from experiencing unhappy living conditions?Believe that your thorn in the flesh is for your good, and that it is the best thing that will ever happen to you-next to your conversion and anointing. It is time for believers to accept that God has allowed life's splinters for a victorious purpose of humility and not taking life too seriously. Denial and repression will not change a thing, but knowing and recognizing God's love will impact lives and turn negative attitudes into positive rewards.

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