Believers must believe what God says about them and their situations, more than what their circumstances say. Using humor and practical applications, Dr. Winston shows readers how to build new and successful thought patterns

Restoring Your Mind to Righteousness Restores Your Life to Abundance!

As you begin to change the way you think about yourself on the inside, the life of God begins to show up on the outside—your relationships, your finances, your career, even your health. Let the transformation begin and start to change your life from the inside out!

Author, entrepreneur, and pastor, Dr. Bill Winston will help you discover the transforming power of renewing your mind. It may sound too simple that changing your thoughts could affect your entire life, but it is a scriptural truth threaded throughout the Bible and proven over thousands of years. Dr. Winston reveals that by focusing on who you are in Christ and the positive things God says about you in His Word, that Word will take a higher place in your mind than your current negative situations.

Learn scriptural strategies that will get you out of the comfort zone of mediocrity, to think constructively and optimistically about yourself and your future, how you can move into the seemingly impossible, and develop the courage to achieve great things for God!

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