Prayer is often thought of as merely a means to an end - how can our needs be met, how can we release our burdens? But have we ever really considered what prayer is and why we pray? Do we understand just how our lives are impacted by our prayers? Calling God to our aid is only the first step. Now Joyce takes us further by explaining the different types of prayer - prayers of praise, worship, and thanksgiving; consecration and commitment; petition and perseverance; intercession and prayers of agreement - and begins to lay the building blocks for a richer, more interactive prayer relationship with God. Joyce outlines the keys to answered prayer, examines the various hindrances to effective prayer, how to use the Bible in prayer, and how to stay strong in life through prayer. Prayer is powerful and Joyce shows us how to unleash its power when we need prayer most. So, if you want power in your life, over your circumstances, in building great relationships, to succeed, power over anything - pray!

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