Did you know that there are relationships that we walked away from as many as ten years ago that can still keep us in bondage? Many people are not aware that the way they behave today may be directly related to the way their parents, or even a kindergarten teacher treated them in childhood. Ungodly soul ties are often forged between us, and people who have abused us physically, emotionally or psychologically. This book will tell you how to identify and break them through the power of the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has bought our freedom by His blood and set us free from every chain, yoke, shackle and fetter, capable of keeping us in bondage. There are people who are still asking God to set them free from one area of bondage or another. The truth is that GOD HAS ALREADY SET US FREE! It is now for us to find that help that God has already provided, and make it work for us practically. When we ask God for something, He often answers by giving us revelation knowledge. Truth is what God has ordained to set us free. This book is going to give you teaching from the truth of the Word of God which if put to practice, will make your freedom a reality. Revelation knowledge does not come through human intellect and logical thinking. It comes through yielding our minds to the Holy Spirit so that He can teach us. Total freedom is within your reach!

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