Leaving a Godly Legacy The steps forward you take today leave footprints for generations after you to follow. Are you walking in the right direction?" "This ground-breaking book challenges the Body of Christ to connect the past, present, and future by thinking and acting "generationally." You are encouraged to enter into a Hebraic mindset of honoring fathers and mothers as well as passing down your godly inheritance to your children's children. Through "Walk in Generational Blessings, " the dominion lost at the Fall is regained by following biblical mandates and principles that are futuring, process-driven, and transgenerational. Transforming truths revealed include: How to leave a legacy of physical, relational, and spiritual blessings for your children and your children's children.Confronting political correctness and pluralism head-on, boldly declaring that what God told us at the beginning is still true today.Strategies related to discipling and training both biological and spiritual children.Learning why some people reject spiritual authority.Realizing that true spiritual warfare and ministry begin at home--within families. Stopping cultural decline cannot be accomplished by government, with science and technology, or on the battlefields of clashing civilizations, but only in the heart of our society--the home. Begin your transgenerational, transformational journey today!

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